Friday, May 19, 2006

I need you

Name: Mike

Song that changed Mike's life: Nelly - Dilemma (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind the song:

Last summer a girl came to work with us during her vacation from college and the moment I saw her I knew that she was special. After working with her for a couple of weeks I thought we were getting along really well and there was a spark between us. But, by the time I worked up the courage to ask her out she had left for a vacation with her friends. I really missed her and for the next few weeks I kept an eye out for her whenever I was in town, just in case she happened to be there too. I blocked out my feelings for her and I tried to move on. Just when I thought I was over her, she stepped back into my life. It was a Monday Morning at 8 am and she had come back to work over the Easter holiday. All of a sudden all my feelings came back and I could not wait to talk to her again but I found out that she had found herself a boyfriend and I couldn't tell her how I felt in case she didn't reciprocate. She left again after a couple of weeks and I didn't have the chance to say goodbye. I'm now looking forward to the summer and wishing that she will come back so I can tell her exactly how I really feel. The one song I would listen to as I agonized over what to do still gives me hope that it will eventually work out for me

Thursday, May 18, 2006

wear sunscreen

Name: Rosie

Song that changed her life: Baz Luhrmann - Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind the song:

Last September, I started a college course in healthcare and for the first time in my life I made some really good true friends. I found the course very tough and didn't see a future for myself working in that area. I started getting very depressed about my course and one day I came out of the class crying and saying I just didn't want to do it anymore. My friend Luke sat me down and told me I could do it if I put my mid to it and he really helped me have a positive outlook. We became a lot closer after that and we would often talk to eachother about other things that were bothering us.

One lunchtime we were talking about our dream jobs. He started talking about his and he said he was really determined to do it. When I told him mine I realized that if I did continue with my healthcare course then I wouldn't have any chance of doing my dream job. He helped convince me that I should switch courses and really have a go at living my dream. Although I was worried about what my parents would think, on his advice I went for it.

Next month I start a new course in radio and I'm hoping it will lead to my new job and I will be a lot happier in my career now thanks to Luke's support.

While I was struggling to decide what to do with my life I would listen to one song which made me realize that its my life and I could do what I wanted with it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

you're no good for me

Name: Anthony

Song that changed Anthony's life: Prodigy - No Good (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind the song:

Four years ago I moved in with my dad because I wasn't getting along with my mom very well at all and I needed a bit of a change. At first I enjoyed living with my dad and things were going great but after a few months it all began to go a bit downhill. My dad would not let me go see my family and I wasn't allowed to spend time with a lot of my friends.

That summer I promised my sister that I would do something special for her birthday. I wanted to take my band to where she lives and play for her, but my dad told me that I couldn't do that. My sister and I had been so excited, but he stopped it from happening. I decided to disobey him and go anyway. My dad then turned up at my mom's doorstep with all my stuff and said that if I didnt come home now, that instant, then I couldn't come home at all. At that moment i decided that I couldn't continue to live that way and it convinced me that I should try again with my mom.

We get along really well now and we are very happy.

There has been one song which has always been able to help me when I've felt down over the past couple of years...

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Do you want more?

Name: Samantha

Song that changed Samantha's life: Jay-Z,Linkin Park - Numb / Encore (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind the song:

At 14 I made friends with the wrong group of people. I started using drugs and stayed out every night. I was basically ruining my life. When I turned 15 I got pregnant and also dropped out of school due to depression. Sadly I had a miscarriage and from then on it felt like my life wasn't worth living.

One day I was sitting in my room alone and this song came on the radio. It hit me so hard. I was struck by it's powerful lyrics and it made me realize there and then that I could pull myself back from the position I had gotten myself into.

With a lot of determination I managed to get myself into college and I know have a beautiful baby girl called nicole. Everytime I hear this song it makes me think and reminds me of how I got myself through such a rough part of my life. It makes me feel very proud of what I've achieved.

Monday, May 15, 2006

a cup of ambition

Name: Emily

Song that changed Emily's life: Dolly Parton - 9 To 5 (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind the song:

Starting college last September was pretty daunting for me. I came from a small and very sheltered town and suddenly I was thrown into a great big city. What was even harder was that I was leaving my friends and the love of my life at home. First term was very difficult and I took every opportunity that I could to travel home and to try and make my relationship work. Just before christmas everything changed and we realized that it would be better for both of us if we were just friends. I felt quite sorry for myself, to be honest I felt I was going to burst and I spent a lot of time on my own at home. Then some of my classmates invited me out and a sog came on at a bar which made us all jump up and dance around.

That was the start of a brand new era. Since then I have really enjoyed my university life and I've made some great friends, and I'm simply having fun. If it wasn't for that night and that song I would probably be back home in my little town, instead of living the brilliant life that I now have.