Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ready To Go

Name: Tina

The story behind it:

I was 13 when my parents got divorced. My two younger brothers were too young to really know what was going on, but unfortunately for me, I understood everything. I heard my parents arguing at night and in the days before they told us I knew exactly what was coming. My mom left and me and my two brothers stayed with my dad. He was already a serious alcoholic and was unemployed. It was almost completely down to me to look after my brothers, who were still clueless as to what was happening around them. I also had to try and get on with my school work and exams, which was proving really difficult.

I missed my mom badly. I just felt like runing away from it all, but I didn't and I stuck with it. It was very tough, but I did pass my exams. Around the same time, my dad met somebody else. He then spent three months in rehab getting better.

When he got home I realized that although life would never go back to the way it once was, things were gonna be just fine.

This was the first song I heard after that realization. I'm so happy I didn't quit when the going got tough. Now I am as happy as could be.

Song that changed your life: Republica - Ready To Go (download) (lyrics)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Purple Rain

Name: Adam

The story behind it:

Last year my father was killed in a car accident. I was close to him, but I wish I had been even closer. I regret not taking the chance to be with him while he was alive. After his death, I was in pieces and my life was in a horrible place. I burried myself in my work which put a strain on my relationships with my girlfriend and family. I was constantly arguing with people over the most stupid things. Luckily, my brother, who is my closest and most valued friend, helped me through it and put me back on the right path.

We played a song at my dads funeral, and when I first heard it I just fell into my brother's arms and it broke my heart. Now though, I no longer cry tears of saddness when I hear it. Instead it fills me with joy because I'm able to remember all the best times my father and I spent together.

Song that changed your life: Prince - Purple Rain (listen now) (lyrics)

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Champagne Supernova

Name: RJ

Song that changed your life: Oasis - Champagne Supernova(listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind it:

Not so long ago, walking into a room of more than 2 people would have made me physically sick. I would get so nervous and so self conscious at the thought of it, that my life was unbearable. Going to college became impossible because I couldn't walk into a class full of people if I was late. I'd always been known as the quiet one which was fine when I was younger, but it started getting in the way as I got older. I didn't know what to do about my shyness. I was fine with friends and family. But with any other group I was a wreck and it was crippling me.

Around the height of my anxiety I was watching comic relief and I remember crying when a song was preformed becaus it was so heartfelt. The next day it was the talking point at school and it gave me the opportunity to talk to someone properly. That someone was a teacher and she helped to change my entire outlook on life. She worked with me for months after our initial chat. Helping me to see I could be more confident and boosting my self esteem. If I had never chatted with her about the performance of that song, I would still be shy today. I can still be very quiet and I'm not great amongst crowds, but I'm now a lot more confident within myself.