Friday, May 12, 2006

Spinning Around

Name: Lee

Song that changed Lee's life: Kylie Minogue - Spining Around (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind it:

Two years ago I was living with my fiance and I was miserable. I just felt that it wasn't going very well with him because he was lying about money and we argued a lot. I spent a lot of nights crying silently to myself in bed wondering what would happen if we split up. I was scared of having nowhere to live and being on my own again. It was just very daunting and I felt trapped. In the end I plucked up the courage and ended the three and a half year relationship. However that then caused more problems wondering about where I was going to live and I ended up on anti-depressents and felt very alone. My work suffered dramatically and I didn't want to speak to anyone or do anything accept bury my head in the sand.

As I lay in the bath one night listening to music, I actually thought about killing myself. It was a horrifying moment which really shocked me. Then came this song and the first few words really hit home. I wanted to be the person I used to be instead of this miserable boring recluse that I had become, and I knew I could do it.
I had another bought with depression since then but I always put this song on and it gives me hope. I'm getting better and I know there is a life out there for me somewhere.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Just A Day

Name: Kelly

The story behind it:

Four and a half years ago at college I was introduced to a guy named Tony who I just knew I had to get to know better. There was just something about him I needed to know more about and during our time at college we got closer. We ended up moving to different cities, but remained best friends. We saw eachother whenever we could and we cried, we laughed, and we smiled with eachother through many things.

We are both huge fans of the same bands and last year we went to see them together. It was brilliant and they played the song that we always danced to when we'd go out in town. Not long after that gig we were out one night and we had our first kiss. Straigt away that song was played and we knew it was the beginning of something very special.

Now we are together and I just cannot imagine my life without him. That song reminds me of the journey we've been through together to get to where we are now.

Song that changed your life: Feeder - Just A Day (listen now) (lyrics)