Wednesday, May 17, 2006

you're no good for me

Name: Anthony

Song that changed Anthony's life: Prodigy - No Good (listen now) (lyrics)

The story behind the song:

Four years ago I moved in with my dad because I wasn't getting along with my mom very well at all and I needed a bit of a change. At first I enjoyed living with my dad and things were going great but after a few months it all began to go a bit downhill. My dad would not let me go see my family and I wasn't allowed to spend time with a lot of my friends.

That summer I promised my sister that I would do something special for her birthday. I wanted to take my band to where she lives and play for her, but my dad told me that I couldn't do that. My sister and I had been so excited, but he stopped it from happening. I decided to disobey him and go anyway. My dad then turned up at my mom's doorstep with all my stuff and said that if I didnt come home now, that instant, then I couldn't come home at all. At that moment i decided that I couldn't continue to live that way and it convinced me that I should try again with my mom.

We get along really well now and we are very happy.

There has been one song which has always been able to help me when I've felt down over the past couple of years...